Piotr Kolawa

let's plot web together

Let's plot web together

Fields of activity


This field has had been with me the longest. I started as front-end developer, worked as one and I’m still close to this subject. From styling to Selenium testing.


Raspberry Pi, machine learning and even my bots I have written in Python. This multi-platform, multi-purpose language took over part of my heart after jQuery landed with one leg in the grave

machine learning

If you are like me interested in Kaggle competitions, wokring out how to substract perfect population or model peoples choices we'll find subjects to talk for sure.

Forked & created repos

  • Rocket Chat

    Fantastic framework for creating own, self-hosted chat/communication solution for both: public and internal company communication.

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  • Wavelo scraper

    My own, personal framework scraping data from Wavelo pages. It's made for creating prediction model for bikes availability.

  • ExcelJS

    Excel is so versatile tool, that even developers like to export some data to .xlsx files. That's what this library does.

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  • Foxr

    Tool for automated Firefox control. For some web developers Firefox is like an enemy. And as the proverb says: "keep your frineds close, but enemies even closer" - tha't why it's better to have control over them.

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  • Scrapy

    Python + data minig = data. The more data I have, the more can be done with machine learning

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  • Bootstrap

    It's good to know what is yet to come with probably most popular front-end framework to date. Even if it's not the most liked one.

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  • Other personal projects

    I have few other, minor repositories with things I made for myself, my friends at Chemistry dept. @ Jagiellonian University and few more. Feel free to get familiar with all of them - that's why they are there.

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